A 6 year check up

Before I even begin this blog post I have to share my excitement. I love a great deal! The coat that Amelia is wearing above was originally $112. I kind of have an obsession with buying coats for her, but I just couldn't spend that this winter. Fast forward a couple of months and I'm doing a little online shopping. I come across this coat again and it was on sale. They had one available and it was in Amelia's size!!! I paid $18!!!!! What an awesome deal!!! It is a little roomy on her so she will be able to wear it next fall and winter. 
Skinny jeans - Vigoss
Boots - Stuart Weitzman
Coat - Jessica Simpson

We are half way through spring break and unfortunately we've been sick this entire time. Amelia has been battling a cough off and on since the first part of February and I came down with it this week. It is not fun!
he takes such good care of his girl.
We went to Amelia's pediatrician today for her six year check up. He listened to her lungs since she's been sick for so long. He put her on some antibiotics so hopefully there is an end in sight to this sickness. We go back in two weeks to see how she's doing. Aside from the cold, she's as healthy as can be. She continues to be tall and slender. I'm not surprised that she charted 20% below where she was last year for her weight. She's such an active little lady. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the cough goes away soon!

We needed some fresh air after being cooped up at home. She wanted me to snap a photo of her and the cute ducks.

Hopefully we can spend the last few days of spring break doing some fun things instead of coughing the days away. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Get well soon!! Hope you're both feeling better in no time with the new meds and the kitty nurse :)