What Amelia Wore

It's been ages since I've done a "What Amelia Wore" post. Since school started, and because she wears uniforms, I haven't been shopping as much. She loves to dress up fancy, always has to match and has incredibly awesome taste in clothes for a kid. I finally had to pack away some of her favorite items because her size 6 length legs just didn't work for size 4T skirts and dresses. The girl is so tall and slim. We had fun splurging on new dresses for her this birthday and I can't wait for her to wear some of them.

Today's outfit was a present from her Auntie Erica. I always have to browse through the Burberry section at Nordstrom, but have never bit the bullet and bought her something. Auntie Erica loves to shop and has a tenancy to spoil this girl... and we are so in love with this outfit. 

White Skinny Jeans: Burberry
Multi-colored Tunic Top: Burberry
Black Flats: Michael Kors. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. That outfit (and girl!) is adorable!!!! She's quite the little model. ;-)

  2. Super cute - does it come in my size?? haha

  3. So cute!! My oldest daughter has been asking me for a pair of white skinny jeans. I hadn't bought her any because I really was not sure if they would be appropriate for her age...however, you have changed my mind! These look super cute on your daughter, so now i'll be in search for a pair for Emma =)