Six Years

Six years ago today was the best day of my life. I became a mother, the greatest title I will ever have. We welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into our world and she has done nothing but amaze us ever since. Amelia is smart, funny, kind, compassionate and gorgeous, both inside and out. She is the greatest blessing. Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you infinity.

Highlights of Amelia's year at age 5:
*tried ice hockey
*took ice skating lessons
*moved up a level in ballet
*attended two different summer ballet camps
*went on a road trip up and down the entire east coast
*got glasses
*moved with mommy and daddy into Auntie Gracie's house (temporarily)
*helped mommy can vegetables
*went to the beach
*went to Kahneeta
*grew her own tomatoes
*had her first lemonade stand
*started kindergarten
*moved out of Molalla to Gladstone
*learned how to do an entire load of laundry all on her own (she wanted to)
*performed in the Nutcracker ballet
*rode The Polar Express
*was the flower girl in Grace and Chris' wedding
*received a "Terrific Kid" award at school
*started taking painting classes
*tried lacrosse and signed up for the spring season

Goodbye 5

Hello 6

A few Amelia facts:
*she's still a born vegetarian
*she will sit quietly for hours without getting up, working on art projects and crafts
*she's really good at doing math in her head. She started at 3 and has been going non-stop ever since.   She never uses her fingers, just figures it out in her head. 
*she's still pretty shy around people she doesn't really know
*she loves Taylor Swift, Eloise, Littlest Pet Shop and Jingle Cats
*she's obsessed with horses and cats
*she's really mature for her age. 
*despite her asthma, the girl loves to run
*if she had her way she would play volleyball, run track, take skiing, snowboarding and drum lessons, in addition to ballet and lacrosse. She loves to be busy and enjoys trying new activities

Stay tuned for the insanely hilarious outtakes from this shoot. You know Amelia, there are always funny photos. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. this is so sweet! happy birthday to her!

  2. What a little cutie, happy birthday to her!

  3. She's a busy girl! I love that she wanted to learn to do laundry. It reminds of when my younger brother was about the same age, and he was obsessed with vacuuming. He even had a tiny working vacuum to help our mom. Kids are very interesting little people.

  4. What a lovely young lady! My sweet girl turns 6 tomorrow!

  5. What a sweet little lady - happy birthday to Amelia! The photos are adorable:)

  6. Happy Birthday Amelia!! Hope you have a fun weekend celebrating :)