Lacrosse, Sickness and Catching Up

Amelia is back at school today after spending Monday and Tuesday at home. She had a fever on Sunday, but no other symptoms. She eventually came down with a slight runny nose. Thankfully she seems to be back to herself, just in time for her birthday tomorrow. We've been keeping busy lately. Weekdays are filled with school (for both Amelia and Mark), running errands, trying to get a handle on putting this house together (I still haven't fully decorated/unpacked) and trying to catch up. I'm constantly trying to "catch up". Weekends are packed with visiting family, working on projects, running around and trying to get more sleep. Life is crazy sometimes. Even when I worked full time and Amelia was younger and needed more attention I didn't feel this busy. I like it though. 

Last weekend Amelia tried lacrosse for the first time. We thought it'd be fun to see how she does playing a sport. She has dance class weekly, but she's a very energetic/crazy/active little girl. Of course she was nervous about going, but she immediately fell in love with lacrosse. It was pouring that day. We were drenched and I couldn't really see her on the field that well. At one point I thought she was crying, but when she ran closer to me I saw she had the biggest smile on her face. Yay! Her actual season doesn't start until April and we are all anxious for it to get here. 
She's in the black and hot pink jacket, standing next to the guy
I'm excited for Amelia's birthday this year, but also sad. For some reason six seems so much older than five. Maybe it's the fact she's in school full time, or the fact that she is quite mature for her age... whatever it is, it's making me sad. That girl amazes me daily. We aren't having our usual party for her this year. Our house is much smaller than where we used to live, and with my grandma not doing as well we decided to just keep it simple. Amelia said she'd rather spend her birthday with Grandma Grace than have friends over. Sweetest. Girl. Ever! Tomorrow my mom and I are taking cupcakes to her school for a little party, Friday she has an "almost overnighter" at school, Saturday we are celebrating with my family and Sunday we are having brunch with Mark's family. It will be a busy week, but she's definitely a girl worth celebrating. 

I didn't get around to posting about Catholic School's Week (it was a couple of weeks ago). The school had some fun spirit days, awesome activities and Grandparent's Day. Here are a couple of photos. I didn't snap a picture of pajama day, but she wore the most adorable jammies. I wish they came in adult sizes. 
Decades Day - I started sewing her skirt at 11pm the night before
Grandparent's Day! These two have the most amazing bond
Crazy Day

My slightly OCD child wasn't too thrilled about the mismatched clothes of Crazy Day, but once she saw how awesome she looked, it was all good. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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