A Wonderful Christmas

I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas. We had a fabulous day with family. Usually Amelia goes right to bed on Christmas Eve, but this year I think the excitement just got to her. She went to bed but couldn't fall asleep for hours. Santa came and left her some great things. Christmas morning we packed up all of our gifts and took them over to my grandma's to open with my family. I love how, even though we are all adults now, my sisters and I still all want to spend Christmas morning together. We went to my aunt and uncle's house later in the day and had an amazing dinner. We had a gift exchange and played games. It was an incredible day. The ornament pictured below (the third photo) was our gift from Amelia. She made it for us at school. It was my favorite part of our tree this year. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Love that you and your sisters still want to spend that time togetger! My siblings and I just do our own thing.