Catching up after a long absence

With the exception of my "Merry Christmas" post, I've been away for nearly two months. Life got crazy. Let me get you up to speed...

December was ridiculously busy. So busy that I started my Christmas shopping December 23rd. I kid you not! It began with the annual performance of The Nutcracker that Amelia's dance studio puts on. It was a great show, as always. She had a blast and, even though it is time consuming in the weeks leading up to the shows, I'm so glad she is part of such an amazing group. This year Amelia looked incredibly grown up and it made my heart a little sad at how fast the time goes.

The same weekend of her Nutcracker performance we took a ride on the Polar Express. My mom, Erica, Grace, Chris, Mark, Amelia, Amelia's friend Sammy and I all hopped on board. It was so much fun! We all wore our Christmas pajamas and enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies while the elves danced around. Santa made an appearance and spent a lot of time visiting with all of the children. It was a great time.

The week following that busy weekend my grandma was admitted to the hospital. She had a mild stroke and spent several days in the hospital. We visited her as much as possible. She was devastated to be missing my little sister's wedding on the 13th. That week was a crazy one as preparations for the wedding were going on. My Mom, Grace and Chris did everything for the wedding (with help from the Father of the Groom and a couple of groomsmen with setting up). Mark was a best man, I was a maid of honor and Amelia was the flower girl. It was such a beautiful wedding and I am just dying to see the photos that were taken. Grace looked absolutely gorgeous! and Chris cleaned up pretty nicely as well.

The week before Christmas Amelia had a field trip, a Christmas program and the last few days of school before break. I had two photo shoots that week as well. I love the field trips her class takes. They visited a retirement community to sing Christmas carols one week, and the next they visited a tree farm to learn about Christmas trees. They chose a tree to donate to a family in need. I love being able to volunteer and go on field trips. Amelia and I both came down with a nasty cough that laid us up for several days, but my grandma got to go home from the hospital which had us all smiling!

2014 photo with Santa Claus
We spent Christmas morning at my Grandma's and then had a delicious dinner at my Aunt's house. It was a wonderful day. I love that, even though my sisters and I are adults now, we still want to spend every holiday together, along with our mom and grandma. I can't imagine what it would be like to be away from them on special days like that, or to not have sisters to share days like that with. I hope Amelia has a bond that strong with her future siblings. Check out my awesome Christmas gift from Amelia (and my mom). I haven't even put our Christmas photos onto my computer yet. That's how chaotic life has been!
This Kate and I were meant to be! 
We got some wonderful news on Christmas! I'm going to be an Aunt! My sister Grace is pregnant and due in July! I will be sharing their announcement photos in another post. I'm so excited for them. Amelia and I are hoping for a girl! Amelia said "a girl cousin would be just so so so great!"

Traditionally we ring in the new year with my grandma and this year was no different. 2014 was both great and not so great for me. I'm excited for a new year and looking forward to all it has in store for us. 2014 had some spectacular moments!

To keep this post from turning into a novel, I will share 'January thus far' another day. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Your sister's dress was beautiful! And being a dance mom myself - any pictures from the Nutcracker? I want to SEE!