Christmas Trees and the Civil War

I love this time of year. We headed out Sunday to get our Christmas trees. I was supposed to downsize our tree this year since we are living in a significantly smaller home, but I sort of failed to do that. Thankfully we didn't have to bust out the chainsaw inside of the house this year to remove several feet of the tree (like last year). It fit perfectly and only takes up about 1/3 of our living room. Amelia's tree is so darling. Unfortunately this might be her final year with a real tree. Damn allergies.

How cute is she helping haul out her own tree!!

We went to the Civil War game this past weekend. It's the biggest rivalry game in Oregon college football. We cheer on Oregon State, but unfortunately the University of Oregon won. Even though it was ridiculously cold out and my coat and seat got barfed on by some overly drunk guy, the night was a blast. My mom, sisters and I all went and then my cousin and his girlfriend were there as well. We rode down together, went out to dinner and had a great time!

Amelia headed back to school on Monday after having 9 days off. I can't wait for her to be on Christmas break. I love having her around. This next week we will be decorating our house and doing some major crafting.

This month is an incredibly crazy one for us. Amelia has Nutcracker performances both Friday and Saturday this week and dance practice every day until then. Sunday we are doing a fun family thing which I plan to fully blog about. Oh, and my sister is getting married in less than two weeks! My baby sister is about to be a wife! Their wedding is going to be beautiful! I can't wait. So that's a quick recap of our weekend and the exciting things I'm looking forward to! 
Ashley Elizabeth

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