Elf on the Shelf Reindeer

It's that time of year when a tiny little elf dressed in red and white shows up at our home. Amelia gets so excited when Spirit comes back. I'm anxious to see what sort of mischief he will be up to this year. Our house is a lot smaller than in the past so he won't have as much room to cause trouble.

Yesterday he brought a new friend with him. Have you seen the Elf on the Shelf reindeer? He is cute. I wasn't quite sure what the story was about, but I figured Amelia would love him. We sat down tonight and read the book. It was really cute and reading it to her just made me appreciate the age she is at that much more. The book talks about how the reindeer comes with the elf, but he is different than the elf. She can snuggle him and give him love, unlike the elf who we can't touch. The book explains that on Christmas Eve, once she is asleep, the reindeer will turn into a real reindeer and leave our home to go help Santa. The little sparkle she got in her eyes when we read the story brought a smile to my face. She had to call my mom and sisters immediately to tell them about her new friend. If you are a family that has an elf visitor this time of year, you should check out the little reindeer.
This is not a sponsored post. I'm just sharing my opinion on the elf pet reindeer that is in our home this year. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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