High Five for Friday

I'm so excited the weekend is almost here. My "to do" list is huge and I really need to get some things accomplished. Here is a recap of our buys/productive week.

1. Last Sunday we headed up to Hood River so I could snap some photos for Grace and Chris. This was one of our ridiculous outtakes. Don't worry... the ones they will be using for their Save the Dates will be a huge improvement on this Titanic pose.

2. The school Amelia will be attending in the Fall had kindergarten day this week. Amelia got to meet her teacher and her classmates. They drew pictures and played a game in the gym while all of the parents had a meeting. I am so excited with the school we chose.

3. Hotwire seriously became my best friend this week. We hadn't booked any of our hotels yet for the trip, but when I went to look at using Priceline they said the reservation would only be for two adults and we weren't guaranteed room for Amelia. I read some forums and people did have issues with this in some of the more populated cities. I didn't even realize it would matter since she's so little and can snuggle up in bed with us. So I used Hotwire and plan on sharing the amazing deals we got in a post after our trip. 

4. I spent a lot of time doing this... finding places to visit, writing lists and planning out post trip blog posts.

5. LOVE them and the fact that they love to snuggle with me. 

On Saturday we will be going to a bbq at Grace's house. Sunday I am taking photos and Monday I'm packing up our house. Should be a busy Memorial Day weekend. 

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  1. I love the photo of the couple on Hood River. Did you get blown away? lol Hopefully it wasn't as windy as it normally is ;)
    and your snuggle babies are just way to cute!