I know I've been absent from here quite a bit lately. The nasty sickness that we have all come down with has not yet left and I'm beyond sleepy. I saw this on a fellow blog, originally posted here, so I thought it would be a fun post since I've been MIA lately.

I'm currently...
Making: lists to help us with our upcoming move
Cooking : nothing
Drinking : water... always my drink of choice
Reading: children's books and blogs. I don't have time to sit down and read an actual novel. 
Wanting: our family to be healthy. We all have this nasty sickness and poor Amelia got the worst of it
Looking: up places to stay, restaurants to try and must see spots for our trip
Playing: candy crush between watching Revenge and blogging
Wasting: a lot of time watching Revenge. I hadn't wanted to watch it because I didn't think I would like it... well, I do. 
Sewing: clothes for Amelia. I can't wait to get them done
Wishing: that my wish will come true
Enjoying: taking photos and playing around with my new lens
Waiting: for vacation to get here
Liking: a super near future that involves spending a ton more one on one time with Amelia
Wondering: if we can make all of our big dreams become a reality
Loving: my life. I get to stay home with my girl, I have a husband who supports me in everything I do and a family that is always there for me
Hoping: our transition into a new place and my stopping daycare will all go smoothly
Marveling: at the wonderful little person Amelia is becoming. She's so amazing
Needing: a pedicure and a haircut/color
Smelling: honeysuckle in our Sentsy warmer. Delicious
Wearing: pajama bottoms, a tank and an old hoodie... bum style
Following: several amazing blogs
Noticing: that just when you think you have life all figured out... it throws you a curve ball
Knowing: that God has a plan and everything happens for a reason
Thinking: I should start sorting through stuff and get rid of things we don't need
Feeling: blah
Bookmarking: photography tips
Opening: an online children's clothing boutique
Giggling: while playing babies with Amelia

and a photo to share...

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