Independence Day Recap (pictures galore)

Last week was awesome! We have been on the go non-stop for a couple of weeks now, and while I'm completely exhausted, the fun times we've had has been totally worth it.

Last Wednesday night Amelia and I headed out to Molalla to light off fireworks with my family. Mark had to work all week so he missed out on all of the fun. I had packed a bag for us so that we could stay with my sister Grace during all of the festivities. After a late night of fireworks, Grace and I woke up at 5am to set our chairs out for Molalla's Fourth of July Parade.
My mom and Amelia waiting for the parade to start

My Cutie

After the parade we went out to Erica's house to have some lunch. She makes awesome pulled pork. We hung out for a while and chatted with everyone, then got ready for the rodeo that night. I love rodeos. Before I had Amelia I would go to every performance, but the past couple of years I only make it to one or two... and I'm pretty sure I didn't even go last year. 
We had some pretty great weather during the week. A picture of Molalla Buckeroo Grounds

National Anthem... what the 4th is all about! 

 Top: Grace, Erica  Bottom: Myself, Madi (my cousin's daughter)

Amelia loves the rodeo as much as her Mama does. 

This is what tired little cowgirls look like

It was a wonderful 4th of July! The following day I hung out with my sister Grace and Amelia. Mark came out after he got off work and we went to the rodeo again. Amelia decided that she wanted to do mutton busting, which surprised the heck out of me. She is normally scared of doing most things but she really really wanted to ride the sheep. She did AWESOME! The sheep did roll completely over on the ground, but even with that she mentioned wanting to do it again. 
 Ready to ride

Checking out her sheep. I think she was a little nervous

And here is the best picture ever!!!

After Amelia's ride we watched the rode. 
Mark finally got to hang out with us on Friday night

Saturday we decided to go to the final rodeo. I was so excited to be able to go to 3 this year!! I stayed with Grace again since I go to church in Molalla and it was a late night. Amelia did ask to ride a couple of rides at the carnival, which was a total first for her. Last year at the fair she asked but then got scared as we were putting her on the ride. Chris went with her on the bumper cars and my mom went on the roller coaster with her.

Amelia's first ever ride

Amelia and Grandma

Mom, Amelia and I at the final rodeo performance

Overall the week of the 4th was ridiculously awesome! I'm looking forward to next year. Oh, and Amelia informed me that she needs money to buy a horse so she can barrel race. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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