Ten things that make me happy

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Ten Things That Make Me Happy

1. My family! Spending time with my family is my most favorite thing! 

2. Friends! I am so thankful for the friends I have in my life. There are a couple of them who are always there when I need them. 

3. Crafting. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a major craft addict. I love crafting of any kind. 

4. Waterfalls! I have a serious obsession with waterfalls. A couple of weeks ago I went into FREEZING water just to swim under a waterfall. LOVE! There isn't anything I find more peaceful than sitting in silence watching a waterfall.

5. Road trips, even if they are just short day trips. I love getting in the car, cranking up the music and heading out on new adventures. 

6. I love kids! I don't think I could do daycare if kids, even at their crankiest moments, didn't make me happy. I love playing around and goofing off when the littles. It is definitely the perfect job for me. 

7. Freshly cut and colored hair is the best! It helps when you have an amazing hairdresser who rocks it every single time!

8.  Cooking and baking with Amelia! She always loves to help.

9. Going to church! My faith and being Catholic is very important to me and makes me incredibly happy. This is a picture of my First Communion back when I was in second grade. 

10. Taking a deep breath and relaxing. I get so caught up in the stress of everyday things that I need to remember to step away and just relax... that's what keeps me happy.

Ashley Elizabeth

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