Bubble Snakes

I'm always looking for new activities and fun experiments for the kids and I to do. I never thought I would have a job where it would be okay for me to crawl around in yoga pants, dig in the dirt, run in the sprinkler, get paint all over and create a bubbly mess.

Today we decided to make bubble snakes. I believe I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back and it was one that stuck with me. This activity is incredibly easy and costs nothing if you have the items on hand.

What you will need:
1 plastic bottle (I used a 20oz pop bottle)
terry cloth or a thin wash cloth
rubber band
liquid dish soap

First I cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle. I used a piece of terry cloth that I had in my fabric bin and cut it to fit the cut end of the bottle, and then secured it tightly around with a rubber band. Make sure that the terrycloth fits snug and that you have about an inch overlap. Next I had Amelia mix up some dish soap with water. We used 1/2c soap to 1/4c water and stirred it together. Then we headed outside for some serious bubble fun! Dip the cloth in the soap so that it is completely saturated and then just blow and blow and blow on the drinking end of the bottle. The outcome... bubble snakes and tons of laughs.

Ashley Elizabeth

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