January update

Are we really almost through the month of January? That means in just a few weeks we will be celebrating our baby's sixth birthday!!! Where is my pause button... or at least the button that puts things in slow motion. January, like December, has kept us busy.

Before I go any further with this post I must share something awesome that I left out of my December post. Amelia got an award at school. The Terrific Kid Award!!! The award is for a positive attitude, good character and responsible citizenship. She didn't know she was getting it so it was a huge surprise to her. We are so proud of her. She had a free dress pass that day which is why she isn't in uniform.

Amelia had her last few days at home before returning to school. Christmas break went by way too fast and I found myself anxious for spring break the second it was over. I love having Amelia at home. I don't need 'me' time, I prefer family time. She loves school though which is a wonderful thing. She's been obsessed with solving math problems lately. I'm hopeful that she got her dad's math gene. She has been solving math problems in her head for about two years now. She doesn't use her fingers at all, she just figures it out (and quickly I might add) in her head. I was working on a math problem with her little cousin who is 3&1/2 and she was secretly feeding him all of the answers almost as quickly as I was giving the problems. She just loves it. She gets her artsy craftiness from me and her love of math from her daddy. 

My sister Grace ended up in the ER on the 9th. She had this horrible rash and her bp and heart rate was incredibly high. Of course when something happens to one of us we all show up. Thankfully her and baby are totally fine, but they aren't sure what caused the rash in the first place.

 The very next morning my grandma was transported to the hospital again. My mom, who moved in with her back in August after my grandma fell, said something just didn't seem right. My grandma is 91 years old so it's always worrisome when she has an off day. Unfortunately the blood thinners she was taking after her stroke thinned her blood too much. She had a lot of internal bleeding in her right lung which caused it to completely collapse. Her and my mom spent 14 days at the hospital. I can't believe the amount of blood they removed with the chest tube. I'm so glad my mom is there to look after her. She came home last week but is pretty worn out from it all. During her hospital stay she gained quite the fan club. Nurses were calling in before their shifts to request my grandma and fought over who got to care for her. She is a pretty remarkable woman. I'm glad she is home but continue to pray that she regains some strength.

Amelia has been taking painting classes. I plan to do a full post soon on this awesome place that is fairly new to Oregon City. She's really enjoys going and the instructor that she's had is so amazing.

Mark started school this month. I have to be honest, I was dreading him being back in school. When he told me he wanted to take classes a flashback of what it was like last time he was in school hit me! This time though we are living in a house on our own (not his mom's basement apartment) and we don't have a newborn. I'm also not working full time like I was back then. Life is much calmer now and once I realized that it was all good.

I continue to volunteer in Amelia's class and around the school. I try to help out once a week. It is so fun getting to know her classmates and seeing her interact with her friends. It's also great getting to know the other staff members and parents. That school really is a wonderful community of people.

In the upcoming weeks I'm going to be crafting and gathering things together to re-decorate Amelia's room. Well, her room isn't actually decorated so I want to find things to hang on the walls, craft some items, sew her some curtains and rearrange her furniture. I'm hoping to get it all done on her birthday while she is at school. Her room is extremely tiny compared to what she had at our old house so I want to make the most of the space and give her a wonderful area to enjoy (and also a way to keep the crafting supplies off of our living room floor). 
Ashley Elizabeth

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