My weekend starts now!

I have been so excited for this Friday to arrive. Amelia has the day off from school and I can't wait to spend the day just hanging out with her. Our weekends seem to fill up so fast, so I am happy we have a weekday to do stuff. This week was a pretty awesome one. Here is my recap...

Last weekend Amelia's school had a pizza Bingo fundraiser. It was so much fun! My mom, sisters and Chris went with Mark, Amelia and I. We ate pizza and played 10 games of Bingo. Even though Mark was the only winner, it was a great time. 

On Monday Grace, my mom and I went into Portland to pick out paper for Grace's wedding invitations. We decided to wander around 23rd and stopped in at Papa Haydn's for happy hour and dessert. Delicious!

The benefit to Amelia being in school all day, five days a week is that Mark and I get to take advantage of his weekdays off by having date days. We don't really do many date nights because we are busy people and always seem to be tired or just want to spend the evening at home with Amelia. Since Mark works every third weekend, he gets two weekdays off and we've been going on day dates. This Tuesday we started out our date day by volunteering in Amelia's classroom. We worked with groups of kids on their alphabet sounds, handwriting, sight words and even played letter bingo with them. It was so much fun. After that we headed to Starbuck's for a drink before going to the movies. We saw "This is where I leave you" and both enjoyed it. We went to a nearby Italian restaurant to have a light lunch (since we were both a little too popcorned out) and then stopped by the pet shop (I'm not sure why we went there). We picked up Amelia after and headed home for a nice evening. 

Wednesday was pretty much the best day!!! Well, maybe not the best day, but I did a little some major online shopping and bought a new camera and lens. I have been wanting to upgrade and make the switch from Sony to either Nikon or Canon and I finally took the leap this week. A major upgrade happened and I ended up going with Canon. I have another lens picked out that I will probably order in the next week. I can't wait for it all to arrive. I'm seriously worse than a kid waiting for Santa. I feel sorry for anyone who crosses my path after I get it... you better be prepared to have a spontaneous photo shoot! Oh and because I don't have the camera yet (and therefore no photo to share), I will share this adorable photo of my girl. Seriously, that face is to die for.

Amelia and I have the most beautiful drive to school each  morning. I hate that the fall weather hasn't arrived yet, but I'm happy to see the leaves changing and foggy mornings. Fall in Oregon is gorgeous!

My mom and sister are always buying Amelia the most special cat things. Some of them I just shake my head at. This little cat pin just had to go on her coat though... rhinestones and all. She loves it.

Since my weekend technically starts now (I'm on Amelia's schedule), we are heading out for a fun day at the pumpkin patch. We are fortunate to have so many great ones nearby, but this time of year always makes me wish I lived in a Hocus Pocus type of a town. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Yum! Hope you have fun at the pumpkin patch! They are hard to find here in Southern California.

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