Who says cats can't FaceTime? (a weekly recap)

Happy Friday All! Oh I am so excited for today. I finally get to meet my friend Tara's baby. She had her when we were on vacation, and the craziness of our move and trying to settle in has kept me busy. The photos of her are absolutely adorable. I've known Tara for a long long... long time. We grew up a block away from them, and her brother Kyle is my age. Tara (or as I call her, Sister) and I became close in high school and have kept in touch since. Her family is darling and I'm happy that we now only live minutes apart.

The rest of our week has been great. Amelia and I have sorted through stuff for the garage sale. We've organized more of her bedroom. We had a mini photo shoot and we picked blackberries. Here is a recap.

 Our Rudy has been found in the bathroom sink a lot lately if he doesn't make it in a bedroom before the door closes at bedtime. He's such a cutie.

 I made four batches of chocolate chip banana muffins. We had a lot of bananas to use up and Amelia loves these. I froze most of them and she devoured the rest.

 It's true... Erica and I let our cats FaceTime.

 Amelia was all about writing in "bubble letters" this week. The girl cracks me up.

We were really excited this week! Amelia got to harvest her first tomatoes from her plants. She was so happy and gobbled them up immediately. She has a ton coming on too. I'm glad she has something that she is responsible for. She does a lot of chores, but they are all things she offers to do on her own (empty dishwasher, fold towels, sweep...). I told her she has to take care of these all on her own, and she is having so much fun doing so. 

 We played babies this week.

 Grace, Amelia and I went for a drive one night. We headed up river and took some back roads home. On our way back to the house we saw a bear, cows, deer and horses. We stopped to give these guys some love. Grace even pet one to sleep. Amelia is determined to have horses one day... and I wouldn't complain if that eventually happened.

We all headed up and jumped in the river one night. It's been so hot this week and the cold river cooled us off. 

I really enjoy the fires we've been having at night. 

I took photos of Amelia this week and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I know I shared a lot of them yesterday, but here are two I didn't share. She's just so cute I can't stand it. 

We went and picked even more blackberries. I can't wait to bake with them and freeze a bunch for the winter months. As we speak I have a blackberry cobbler in the oven and it smells delicious. 

The sunset we saw last night was gorgeous!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have two family photo shoots this weekend. I'm so excited! We are also celebrating the first birthday of Holden, my friend Ali's little guy (also one of the boys I babysat). I'm also planning on a fun date for Amelia and I. I'm thinking dinner and a movie. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Happy Friday! Looks like you can celebrate a very productive week. :)

  2. It looks like you had a busy week....and those pictures of your daughter are gorgeous!

  3. Ha, love the kitty FaceTime! The photos of your daughter are lovely, as is she!

  4. In the bathroom sink?! Ha! We have been picking blackberries in our neighborhood several nights this week and last, so fun to have fresh (very) local food for free! =)

  5. Everything you baked looks delicious!! You'll have to share some recipes :) Facetiming cats might be the cutest things ever!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Great pictures! Chocolate chip banana muffins sound yummy as does that blackberry cobbler! Have a great weekend!

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