High Five for Friday

This week was pretty great! I feel like I got a few things accomplished, lost a couple of pounds and spent some time with my Mama!

1. My Mama spent the night last night and this  morning we got up and headed to see Santa. Amelia smiled on his lap for the first time ever and it was an overall fun day.

2. On top of seeing Santa we rode on the Bridgeport train. It just goes around the shopping center (it is outdoors) and it was a blast for Amelia.

3. Our elf Spirit has been pretty funny lately!

4. So this is the doorway going down to our basement... and that is the wall of gates I made to put our cat in kitty timeout. He has been naughty around the tree so he keeps getting in trouble.

5. I know the personal events in my life this week were of joy and not tragedy, but my heart aches for the families and friends of the victims in the two shootings this week. A gunman entered a mall located about 10 minutes from my home and opened fire, killing two innocent people before he shot himself. The shooting today in Newtown Connecticut has me praying as hard as I can. I've seen this picture floating around Facebook and every time I see it pop up again it gives me an uneasy feeling. Tiny little babes were taken from this world by the horrific actions of one person, when they were just starting their lives. I pray that we as a people figure out how to stop this. Things like this should never happen.

As I leave you tonight I ask you to pray as well for the victims, their families and friends, and our country as a whole.

Ashley Elizabeth

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