Thank Heaven for Little Girls

I have been so incredibly anxious to sit down and write this post. Sunday morning Amelia and I headed out bright and early on an adventure to meet up with Kati, an incredible new photographer that I have known for quite some time. I was excited about having Amelia's pictures taken, it had been quite some time and she has changed so much since the last time they were done. Kati is so very talented and we ended up with some amazing pictures! Below is a picture extravaganza of our beautiful girl!!!!!!

Please check out Kati's website! She is a stay at home mom who has taught herself how to capture some beautiful memories for people. Click her on her business name Creative Juices to see her page.

 She gave Kati this pout because she wanted water instead of tea... silly girl

She was spinning around and around

I've been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have Amelia... not only Amelia, but a little girl! When we found out we were pregnant with Amelia everyone told us it would be a boy. I was excited for either, but deep down really hoped for a girl. We've spent quite a bit of time around some little boys lately and, while I know I would love having a little boy just as much, God knew I needed Amelia... and he gave her to me at just the right time. There is something so magical about the bond between a Mother and her Daughter. These pictures capture her so perfectly and I am so excited to see the young lady she becomes....... but not right away. I think I will keep her my little baby for as long as I possibly can! 

Ashley Elizabeth