A Glorious Garden

Tonight we enjoyed our first delicious food from our garden; salad greens and red kale. It was delicious!!! We planted most of our garden from seeds and it has really taken off. The weather here in Oregon has been a bit odd this summer with a mix of cooler weather, showers and then some super hot days. Apparently my garden LOVES this weather.
Please ignore the weeds off to the left... I am a full time working mommy that would rather play than pull weeds all weekend :) 

 Our garden. The area we have for a garden is super small but we've made the best of the space. 

My yummy salad

So this weekend was incredibly LAZY! I lounged about and didn't do much of anything, which was wonderful. Our weekends are all too often jam packed with running around so I love weekends like this. Mark had to work so Amelia and I played around the house. I had a hair appointment on Saturday morning and decided to go for a big change. Now my hair has been every color from platinum blonde to black but lately I've just been getting highlights with my natural hair color. I had planned to get the same thing but the night before I decided red was the color. 
My new color!

I'm having a hard time getting motivated lately. I feel so tired all the time and it is all I can do to get to and from work without falling asleep at the wheel. I think this little family of mine needs to get to bed a heck of a lot earlier. 

Mark and I are celebrating our one year anniversary next weekend. We are going away for the weekend while my parents take Amelia camping. It will be nice for us to have a weekend away. We haven't spent more than a night at a time away from Amelia so it's going to be strange. Hopefully we can relax and enjoy, whatever we decide to do. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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