I realized this evening that I have been MIA around this place. Work has been so busy lately that when I get home all I want to do is lounge and sleep. Our weekends have been jam packed, but that seems to be the norm for us lately. First off I will update you on how I am doing on the Lose a Marathon challenge... So far in the 2 weeks that I have been participating I have lost 3 pounds. Not quite as much as I had hoped, but at the same time I was not surprised. I have not exercised this entire week. I hate what stress and exhaustion does to me! I am a crazy stress eater and even though I have been trying to be good lately, I slip up every now and then. Now moving on to the latest and greatest that is going on in my life.

Last weekend was awesome! I spent Saturday snuggling and playing with Amelia, catching up on Netflix shows and watching movies I hadn't seen in a while... such as Dirty Dancing. It drizzled rained off and on all day and I wasn't going to complain about having to hang out at home for a change. Sunday was a wonderful day. Around 11 o'clock I called up Grace's boyfriend Chris to see if they wanted to journey with us up the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway, and of course they were up to it. We headed out around 12:30 and had a blast. For those of you in the area who have not driven up there, I recommend it! Here are a few shots from our day.

 The View Point Inn

 My Family and I

 All Smiles

 The Shepherd's Dell waterfall

 coloring in the back of the truck

 My favorite picture of them... yeah, I took it :) 

 Attempt 1 - squinty eyes

 Attempt 2 - Ummm what??

 Mt. Hood

Our Fourth of July was very relaxing this year. Usually we go to Molalla for the parade and then hit up the Buckeroo but this year was different. We did make it to the parade and Amelia loved it, but I just wasn't feeling up to going to the rodeo... which is surprising because I never miss it. Instead we headed into Portland and had a BBQ at my Grandma's house. I snacked way too much and paid for it later but the food was good and spending time with family was the best part.

Our little Firecracker!

Amelia spent the night over at my Grandma's last night and I missed her so much... so I'm signing off to go snuggle her cutie-ness! 

Ashley Elizabeth

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