Two posts in one week... I told you I was back!

Earlier this month, the 7th to be exact, our little Cecilia turned one year old. I don't even know how that happened so fast. Really, it went by fast with Amelia, but has gone by even faster with Cecilia.

Since I haven't shared much on here for a really long time, allow me to tell you a little about our Cecilia.

She's seriously the happiest baby I've ever seen. She is always smiling. If you do catch a rare instance of her crying, it doesn't last long. If you aren't paying attention you'll probably miss it.

She's obsessed with her sister. When Amelia leaves for school there are always tears.

The joy of being a parent and photographer... capturing moments like this
She's still super tiny. Under the 1% tiny, but she's very healthy, developmentally ahead of the game and sometimes eats more than Amelia.

give her all of the food
She says Mama, Dada, Ayaya (Amelia), Nana (her word for nursing), hi, yeah, nuh nuh (for night night) and other little jabbering that resembles words. She does answer when you ask her questions with a yes or no head shake.

7 months

She took her first steps around 10 months and full on walked the day after her first birthday. Before turning one she'd do about 9 steps at a time.

She is busy and moves constantly.

tea time with our kitten

She is the sweetest little thing... this picture below proves it!

those two little teeth and that smile... HEART MELTED!!! 
Some other Cecilia facts
* She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes
* She hit 15 pounds at her one year check-up
* She has two teeth
* She still nurses to sleep every night (I LOVE the snuggles so no complaints here)
* She loves to give kisses and hugs (if she knows you, if not... forget it)
* She is obsessed with FaceTime and has to call someone at least once a day (usually Liam)
* She dances non stop. If there is music playing, she is dancing (and to the beat even)
* She loves to eat
* She squeals with excitement when she's outside in the wind and rain
* She fills our shoes with little treasures (sometimes it's toys, sometimes it's three shredded napkins)
* She cries when her sister goes to school
* She sits outside of Amelia's room, knocking on the door and saying Ayaya anytime she's gone
* She high fives, waves, blows kisses, makes funny noises, plays peek-a-boo and climbs on things
* She will sit and look through her books for a solid 20-30 minutes (the only time she sits still)
* She loves playing at the library
* She loves to brush her own hair
* She could swing for hours
* She was named after my sister's confirmation name (Cecilia) and mine (Kateri)
* When she got her first baby doll she knew exactly what to do. She kisses her, pats her on the back
   and feeds her from toy bottles (it's funny how they just now that stuff)
* Cecilia is the patron saint of music (fitting for this girl) and Kateri is the only Native American saint
* For a solid 10 months she would scream her head off every night starting at 8pm if mommy wasn't
   holding her. Thank you to those very patient family members that watched her during that time.
   You are all saints for snuggling her anyway so this mommy could have a couple of date nights

Now that I'm back to my blogging ways I'm sure you'll be better acquainted with our precious itty bitty. She really has been such a blessing to our family. I waited so long for this girl and she's just the most perfect little lady. My heart is so full.
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Happy Birthday little nugget! She's so cute!

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