Sunday, February 19, 2017

I'm Back...

I've been eager to jump back into the blogging world for some time now. I guess I never really wanted to take a break from here, it just sort of happened. Life got busy, I got tired... and did I mention life got busy? As we rang in 2017 I realized how sad I was that I had left so many moments and thoughts undocumented. Things I wish I had published to this space, but just didn't. Instead of jumping on the New Year's resolution bandwagon I decided to pick a word. Like many fellow bloggers and friends, I decided to choose a single word that would represent what I wanted for 2017.

This year I want more. More adventures, more memories, more dates with my husband and more time spent loving on my girls. More time with loved ones and more time catching up with those I don't see as often. More down time, more time to blog, more lifestyle photography of my own life. More crafting, more self growth and more time focusing on the things that make me happy.

So, as I finally get this written (almost three months into this new year) I plan to be around here more. I realize it'll take some time to back track and share what life has been like these past two years that I've only sporadically blogged, but I'm excited to finally sit down, put my fingers on the keys and share it all. 

I look forward to catching up. 


  1. Yes, we women can never get enough of more. We want more of everything, more love, moe time, more shopping, more outings and more happiness. Hope you get more.