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My name is Ashley and this is the start of my journey; a journey to become a healthier person. I've tried to lose weight and eat healthy in the past, but there are always those temptations that get the better of me and make me fall off the healthy wagon... NOT ANYMORE! I found the website on Pinterest and the author of the website Katie was a true inspiration. I felt like somewhat of a stalker with how often I was getting on her website, but it is filled with excellent information, amazing recipes and an incredible journey. I recommend her website to anyone looking for that boost to get you going on weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. 

On February 6th I joined and in two weeks have lost 7.6 pounds. I have tried Weight Watchers before, as well as MyPlate but there is something different about SparkPeople... something that keeps me honest and encourages me to reach my goals. What an eye opening experience it was when I started counting calories; I was shocked and quite disgusted when I saw the amount I was actually taking in. I've learned in the past two weeks that I MUST plan ahead; I don't do well eating meals spur of the moment and generally take in way too many calories when I do. I look forward to this journey and hope you enjoy following along. 

As you can see, I am not revealing my initial starting weight. I am very self conscious about my weight and at this time cannot publicly broadcast the number I am starting at. I hope down the road, once I start having great success, I can blog about the number I began at but for now...please don't ask. I will share recipes, things that are working and those things that aren't, my successes as well as my failures, pictures and overall goals and how I plan to achieve them. This blog will be my hub for all things weight loss and all things healthy. I am really excited about the journey I am now on and love having the great support group that I do. 

This is a picture of me on my wedding day 8/6/2011. After our wedding I gained quite a few pounds and reached my highest weight ever! Before I joined SparkPeople I had lost 9 pounds, but since I am now working on my weight loss through SparkPeople I am only counting the pounds lost on that website, without the 9 additional pounds. At the end of my weight loss journey I will add in those 9 pounds for total pounds lost from my heaviest weight. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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