Summer Bucket List

The weather we are having right now has me so excited for summer break!! Less than a month until Mark and Amelia are both out of school and I can't stop thinking about all of the fun things we want to do. Since we're so excited we decided to make a summer bucket list. This list is a mix of things that Amelia, Mark and I all want to do and I can't wait to see how many items we are able to cross off!

I know this picture doesn't really have anything to do with this post... but this bird is so damn cute with his bangs that I had to find an excuse to use it. It also reminded me that I haven't shared anything about the trip we made up to Vancouver B.C. (where I took this photo).

* Go on several camping trips
* Use our zoo pass and invite family and friends to join us
* Dates with Mark
* Spend time working in the yard
* Plant a garden
* Go to OMSI
* Create new art
* Finish Cecilia's bedroom (my project)
* Explore local areas
* Play tennis with Amelia (and my sisters too)
* Visit Enchanted Forest
* Go on walks with my girls
* Have girl nights with Amelia and Cecilia... painting toes and watching girly movies
* Let the girls put their toes in the sand on the Oregon Coast
* Have a bbq with friends
* Go swimming at Kahneeta (possibly for Mark's birthday)
* Cheer Amelia on at her first 5k race
* Practice kindness by doing things for people we know as well as strangers
* Take a trip to Whistler (in the works... sister and kid trip)
* Meet the cousins half way for a Dalles playdate
* Have Liam over for his first ever sleepover away from his parents
* Get our sewing machines out and create new things (Amelia and I)
* Work with Cecilia on potty training (she is very interested)
* Organize play dates with some mamas and kids from mom's group
* Plan something special for our anniversary
* Complete house projects (install molding, redo closets, paint, etc)
* Sort through the stuff in the basement (and hopefully get rid of a lot)
* Eat as paleo as possible
* Use Amelia's telescope
* Spend time in Hood River
* Complete my photography location binder (with Erica's help)
* Picnics in the park
* Play hard
* Be active every day
* Read a book (me... because I don't have time with two kids)
* Go bowling
* Visit farmer's markets
* Take Amelia to the Portland Saturday Market

I'm sure we could keep going, but this list is the majority of our summer goals. I want to be busy and I want to focus on my family as much as possible. Making memories is so important.

Ashley Elizabeth


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