and just like that... second grade

8 days... I can't believe there are only 8 days left of summer break. 8 days until Amelia starts second grade... SECOND GRADE!!!!! For the past three summers (each summer before Amelia starts school) I have had it in my mind to make those months the most adventurous, magical and funtastical (if that isn't a word, it is now) time ever. I compile a list of things I want us to do together. I plan out activities, craft projects, day trips, camping trips etc. etc. etc... and then, life happens. Something comes up, something big, and it keeps us from having that most awesome summer that I have planned in my head. This summer was no different. With me having surgery, our family making a few trips to the ER, Cecilia being admitted to the hospital (I'll share the details in a future post), appointments almost every week and all of us coming down with a nasty cough it's amazing we were able to do anything at all this summer. Even with the bad hand we were dealt this break, we made the best of the situation. We got away a few times this summer as a family, Amelia and I crossed a lot off our her summer bucket list and I got to fully enjoy life as a mother of two. Really, that last one... icing on the cake! Those two girls of ours really bonded this summer. Amelia is so doting and such an incredible big sister, and Cecilia already adores her big sister. She always lights up when she sees her face. So if I did nothing more than watch those two interact this summer I would have been a happy mommy.

Now lets get back to the part where my baby, my first baby, is going into second grade. I was looking through photos I took during our latest camping trip and one in particular caught my attention and I couldn't stop staring at it. Amelia has changed so much. That sliver of baby face that was there last year has almost completely faded away now. She's so beautiful on the inside and out, and I'm constantly in awe of her. When she started kindergarten I was worried for her. She was so shy and I was afraid it would be hard for her to make friends and that her shyness would hinder her learning. Now I don't worry about her at all. She's so much more outgoing than she was three years ago. She loves school so much and she really does phenomenal in every subject. Even though I miss her like crazy during the day while she's gone, I'm so proud of the girl she is growing up to be. A kind-hearted, well mannered, loving and thoughtful little being who always tries her best and works incredibly hard at everything she does.

Ashley Elizabeth