4 months already

It's hard to believe that our little peanut is 4 months old today. Life has sure been wonderful since she arrived. I think we're finally getting into a good rhythm, which is nice. She usually only wakes once a night now so I'm feeling a little more rested. Cecilia is a happy little thing. She's always smiling and making the most adorable little noises... and she's completely obsessed with Amelia. She could be screaming and crying and if big sister walks into the room all is instantly good. Amelia is pretty obsessed with her too and is eager to help dress her, change her diapers and play with her every chance she gets. I really love the sibling bond that is already so strong between the two of them. 

In other news... Amelia is almost done with school and on summer break. She decided to audition for the school talent show so she'll be Irish dancing next week. I'm looking forward to watching her. It's crazy to think back to how shy she was when she started kindergarten. There's no way she would have wanted to do something like that back then. Now she's a fairly outgoing social butterfly. I'm really looking forward to our summer together. Speaking of summer, it has been so ridiculously hot here lately. I hate 100+ degree days and we've had a few of them lately. Seriously, Oregon is letting me down. I like 70s-80s. At least it's giving the kids a chance to play in the pool. My nephew Liam lives just two blocks away so he gets to come and play too. I can't wait for days spent in the pool and nights around our fire pit. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. What is this weather Oregon, it's only June! I busted the kiddie pool out for me and my dogs this weekend, it can be such a lifesaver!

  2. So sweet! Yeah, this heat has been insane. We've been living in our kiddie pool the last several days. I'm ready for some normal Portland summer weather.

  3. The weather has been so weird, hasn't it? You're so lucky to have a pool to cool off!

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