Our Halloween

Well it was the wettest Halloween we've ever had with Amelia. It reminded me of one year when I was was younger. My dad drove my sister, our neighbor and I around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat and it was raining so hard that water was coming into the back of my dad's Camaro. Amelia doesn't go crazy on Halloween. She doesn't care about going to a ton of houses and getting tons of candy. She's happy just doing one or two streets and calling it good. For the past several years we've gone to my grandma's house on Halloween. Mom usually makes dinner and we take Amelia around to her neighbors. I like that this gives my grandma the opportunity to see Amelia. This year was especially fun because Liam dressed up with Amelia for his first Halloween and even went out trick-or-treating with us. 

Amelia wanted to be Belle this year so my mom made her the most beautiful dress. She looked so adorable! In the past she has let me pick her costumes (with the exception of the spider) so it was fun to see her choose her own this year. I love Liam's little lion costume. He looked so stinkin' cute!!! Amelia is already planning matching costumes for her and Cecilia to wear next Halloween. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. I know many weren't happy about our typical Oregon weather, but I LOVE everything about this time of year... including the rain! 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Amelia's dress is beautiful!! I am so impressed that your mom made it. Glad the wet weather didn't dampen your Halloween weekend. It'll be so fun next year to have your girls in coordinating costumes :)

  2. It's the best time of the year (we had rain, too - but at least no snow this year!!) Love her dress and the Lion is adorable!