A Big Announcement

Well, our news is out! Amelia is going to be a big sister!!! 

How far along: 12 weeks 5 days

Current size: large plum (2.5 in, 5oz)

Due Date: February 7, 2016   Amelia was due February 8th 7 years ago. She was born on the 12th. I guess May is our lucky month. 

Date of positive test: May 26th. 3 weeks pregnant. I woke up and that morning and the first thing that popped into my head was that I should take a pregnancy test. We didn't have any at home because I had kind of given up hope on getting pregnant. I threw on some sweats and headed to the closest store. The lines showed up immediately. 

Who did you share the news with first: I called Mark right away. When you've been trying for so long you don't wait to find a clever way to tell your husband. You just call! Then I called my mom. I also told my best friend that day. She was so incredibly supportive during my ectopic last summer and she always checks in with me to see how I'm doing and to make sure I'm okay. Other than Mark, my sisters and mom, I didn't get that kind of support from anyone else but her during that rough time. I also told my grandma about three days after finding out. We decided to tell Amelia after our first ultrasound at 7 weeks and then we let her tell my sisters. Mark's family came into town at the end of June so we shared the news with them at that time since everyone was together. I also told a few other friends and my aunt and uncle. 

Symptoms: morning sickness and nausea set in at four weeks and has been here every day since. I've been pretty tired, but it's getting a little better. 

Gender: our ultrasound is scheduled for September 24th. I can't wait. 

Gender predictions: I don't have a feeling either way. Mark is guessing boy. Amelia says she wants a girl, but she thinks it's a boy. I'm guessing her thinking is based on her wanting my sister to have a girl and she actually had a boy. 

What are you hoping for: We are going to be so incredibly happy no matter what baby is. A sister would be a wonderful thing for Amelia since she's such a girly girl. I have two sisters and they are my best friends. A boy would be wonderful because we don't have one and my sister's baby boy and our baby will be 7 months apart. I'm sure they'd be best buds. We are just so excited to be pregnant and already have so much love for this little one.

Names: we have them picked out and have told family, but are going to share them when we announce the gender.

Movement: little flutters started around 10 weeks. I didn't feel anything with Amelia until I was around 16-18 weeks so I was surprised to feel them this early. I guess things with baby #2 do happen earlier. 

Clothes: I'm living in leggings and maternity tops. I kept them from when I was pregnant with Amelia and my mom made me a new top. I started showing at 6 weeks. It's also super hot here. I hate it! Since the majority of my pregnancy will be in the fall/winter months I'm holing off on buying maternity pants until I can get something appropriate for those seasons. 

Sleep: I haven't been sleeping too great. I'm restless and wake up nauseous around 4am. 

Cravings/Aversions: I was eating a paleo diet when I got pregnant. Up until about two weeks ago I had the hardest time eating anything paleo. I was loving those carbs. Thankfully I'm back to eating chicken and salads. and... thankfully I haven't gained any weight from the carb overload (I'm down 5lbs). I did open up a jar of my home canned pickles the other day and ate the entire thing in one sitting. They were so delicious. 

Mood: pretty good these days. I have yet to snap at my husband this pregnancy :)

Looking forward to: finding out if we are having another girl or a boy. I'm excited to start buying stuff and designing an amazing nursery. I also can't wait for Amelia to be a big sister!!!!! 
Ashley Elizabeth

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