What happened to October?

October came and left in a flash. We had a great month, but our calendar was jam packed and I'm ready for things to calm down a bit (which won't be until sometime in January). I'm struggling with getting back to feeling normal again. I'm exhausted even when I'm sleeping. I'm sluggish and having a hard time focusing on things that need to be accomplished. And I really just wish there were three of me. My amazing cousin Deana reached out to me and gave wonderful advice on things I could do to feel better and Mark plans on prescribing me an herbal formula so I'm hopeful that things will start to change and I'll continue to be patient as my body recovers. I'm so thankful to all who have called, text, emailed and Facebook messaged me in regards to my miscarriage, and to those who continue to check in on us (you know who you are and I love you so much). It has been very difficult for me, more so than I tend to show, and to know that there are people out there praying for us and thinking about our family really touches my heart.

I haven't been around the blog much because of our hectic life so I thought I'd share some of my favorite October highlights today.

My mom bought a four game set of tickets to the Oregon State Beavers games and we went to our first game this month. It was so much fun! I had a blast with my mom and sisters and I'm looking forward to the other two games I am going to... one being the civil war game!!! Go Beavs!!!

My best friend came home for a visit!!! I always get so excited when she tells me she's coming. Fortunately I was taking her brother's senior photos the day after she arrived so I got to hang with her right away. She always has so many family members to catch up with, yet she always makes time for me. Honestly, she lives on the complete opposite side of the country and I see her more than friends who live here. Even without kids of her own she gets my life and that I have a little one who demands my time and attention, and she always makes sure to work with me and my schedule so we can catch up. She even planned a picnic tea party one time so that I didn't have to find a babysitter. Oh and I love getting texts like this.

Another major highlight of the month... I ordered a brand new camera!! Mine was old and my favorite lens decided to quit working, so I took a major leap into the world of Canon and said goodbye to my long time love of Sony dslrs. There is a slight learning curve, but I'm getting the hang of the new camera. Unfortunately we haven't had the best weather to test it out. Gotta love this Oregon rain. With the new camera came my official launch of my photography business and I'm so excited for this adventure. 

I chaperoned a field trip with Amelia's class. We hopped on public transportation and headed to the police station where the kids met with a judge and a police officer to learn about what all their jobs entail. It was very informative and the kids asked some really cute questions. They also loved the k9 that the police officer brought it. 

Everyone in our house came down with a nasty cold, and Amelia is still battling the cough. We've had to use the inhaler quite a bit and my poor girl hasn't been herself. Thankfully I see her improving so I'm hoping it will be gone soon. 

We finally got to see our little Kyler again. The last time we saw him was the last day I babysat him at the end of May. We have really missed that little guy, and I've really missed visiting with his mom. We all grabbed lunch one day and caught up. I can't believe how much he has changed in just the few months since I stopped watching him. Kids really do grow up too fast. 

Amelia's school was asking for a parent volunteer to photograph events and write articles on behalf of the school. Of course when I saw that I immediately volunteered... because I apparently don't volunteer enough? haha. I'm really excited that I'm able to be so involved at the school. In October alone I volunteered 17.25 hours (well, Mark did a couple of those)! The school is wonderful and I'm so happy with our experience in private school thus far. You'll probably see a post on this soon.

Halloween was a wonderful day. Amelia's school celebrated All Saints Day and the children dressed up as a saint of their choice. Amelia went as Saint Kateri and she looked darling. It helps that our family is Native American and my mom had a lot of accessories she could wear. She had originally wanted to be Zarina from the new Tinker Bell movie, but once she saw what her Indian costume was going to look like, she changed her mind. I was so thankful to only have to make one costume. I took photos at a school event that morning and then volunteered at the class party in the afternoon. It was fun visiting with the other parents and seeing how excited all of the kids were. We decided to trick-or-treat in my grandma's neighborhood and spent the evening with my family. It was a great day.

Mark and I have been taking advantage of the two weekdays he has off per month and have been going on day dates. It's nice to spend some time together. We haven't done that a lot lately and I have really enjoyed it. I'm sure once we move closer into Portland we will take my mom up on her offer to keep Amelia so we can go out in the evening once in a while. Amelia loves spending the night with my mom, and my mom loves having her spend the night so it's a win for everyone.

November is an even busier month. Every weekend is booked, and most weekdays have something marked on the calendar as well. We move this weekend. We have family photos. Amelia's school has a major fundraiser. We have football games to attend. I have some photography sessions booked. Amelia has ballet three times a week now to prepare for the Nutcracker performance. and I could keep going. I don't know how we are going to get it all done. Felling overwhelmed, but excited for everything coming up.

Ashley Elizabeth

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