35 by 35

I decided a while back to jump on the 30by30 train. I am a hopeless procrastinator so this list will give me the push I need to not put off achieving a great list of goals this year. Hopefully I can accomplish them all by May 1, 2015. The day I turn 30. So, in no particular order...

Update: Well, with the crazy, emotional and incredibly hectic 29th year of life I had, I have decided to push out my list and add five more things. So... my 30 by 30 is now my 35 by 35!!!

1. Take a family vacation  June 2014
2. Start a successful business 
3. Go camping with my family  June 2015
4. Get a massage (I've never had one)
5. Keep growing my blog
6. Save for a house
7. Give back to people in as many ways as possible
8. Start Geocaching more with Amelia
9. Date my husband, often
10. Read at least 3 new books
11. Lose weight and keep it off
12. Write a book (I already have it in my head)
13. Send letters to people just because
14. Start and finish C25K
15. Plan for another baby due February 2016
16. Work on Amelia's baby book & birthday scrap book
17. Host a girl's night
18. Get family photos taken
19. See at least 5 new (good sized) waterfalls in Oregon
20. Play a tennis match with Amelia (teach her how to play)
21. Adopt another soldier
22. Can fruits and vegetables Summer 2014
23. Continue to advance my sewing skills
24. Write in my journal to Amelia often
25. Cook more - eat out less Summer 2014
26. Host a craft party
27. Go to a concert, play or musical Nutcracker by Abernethy Performing Arts December 2014
28. Start a new family tradition
29. Enter a photo contest
30. Become more comfortable in my own skin
31. Be a more organized person
32. Try to be more outgoing (like I was back when I was younger)
33. Take some photography classes or attend seminars
34. De-clutter my house
35. Spend more quality time with my family
Ashley Elizabeth

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